How to Get Involved

Do you have a 3D printer?  Do you need masks for your organization?  Do you have supplies or funding for supplies?  Fill out the form below or and follow the link to our GoFundMe Page below.  We are not a non-profit and any funding we receive will go directly to making more masks and supplies for our front-line healthcare providers. 

We are continuing to assess the safety, practicality, and need for many 3D printable items.  We are currently printing from this list of links for you reference and use.  None of these devices have been approved by the FDA or passed NIOSH certification.  Make and use at your own risk.

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How else can I help?

  • Check with your local providers and first responders to see what they need.  Many organizations are not accepting non-approved equipment.

  • Go to to help or get help from SLO MakerSpace's community cloth mask making efforts. 

  • Check out the SLOR Thingiverse page, feel free to download, remix, etc. 

  • Continue to practice social distancing, wear your mask when out and about, wash your hands, and be safe!

  • Hit the Donate link above, send us 3D printer filament, your dusty 3D printer, or whatever you think will be helpful! 

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